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Two Pencils offers bespoke educational services, providing a tailored approach. Teaching is customized to provide each client with the tools needed to succeed in school, work, and everyday life. Looking to remediate or bolster specific academic areas and need a bit of one-on-one guidance from certified professionals?  Contact us today.



Promising Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

Educational therapists are highly-trained, certified,  and motivational educators who work with struggling learners, learners who want extra support, and learners who want to perfect their executive function skills in a therapeutic setting. Educational therapy uses a holistic learning approach to remediate learning differences, help learners get ahead, and reorganize thinking. 

Unlike tutoring which focuses on what to learn, educational therapy teaches how to learn and how to think. Therapists are passionate, skilled, relational, and empathetic. They are individuals who want to be a part of unlocking learning potential for their students through an individualized, therapeutic approach. 

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What We Provide

You can count on Two Pencils Educational Therapy to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.


Providing one-on-one therapeutic tutoring sessions maximizes student attention and focus. It allows for creative, tailored lessons and support, and is a necessary setting to target specific learning goals. Therapists teach certain skills within meaningful contexts for the student whether it's for math, reading, handwriting, study skills, or executive functioning.

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Homeschooling and looking to co-op with parents? We can help connect you with other parents and provide group lessons to maximize voucher funds. Looking to have your group learn to craft a perfect thesis statement? Need an outside coach to motivate your group to develop study skills? We also have resources available for rent.


If you or your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, interpreting a 504 Plan, an Individualized Educational Plan or a Learning Plan can be overwhelming. We provide guidance and advocate services through legally required meetings, and day-to-day emails to teachers so that you can retain good relations with your student's teachers and navigate the complexities of educational law and services.  An educational therapist will help you navigate while empowering students to be their own best advocate.

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What does homework look like for you and your child? If your child doesn't know where to begin, has a difficult time organizing, or cannot self-regulate time management, setting up workspace and systems can help. 

Likewise, if your student is acting out in class or not completing classwork, a Functional Behavioral Analysis in the classroom can uncover some underlying issues and can result in productive discussions with the school.

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We provide specific academic testing to identify deficits in math, reading, writing, and spelling. If you need evaluations for diagnostic reasons, we are happy to help you find a certified doctor or educational psychologist. Educational therapists provide formal and informal evaluations to identify processing disorders and the root causes of learning differences. We understand that factors such as school, family, and neurobiology may impact learning.

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Depending on the client's needs, programs can be tailored to suit the individual. Some programs available are Linda Mood Bell, Barton Method, Wilson Reading System, Handwriting Without Tears, Making Math Real, and more.

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Dena Anne has been instrumental in helping our 10th grader develop her planning skills, improve her ability to prioritize her assignments and commitments, and handle the stress of high school. I know these will be invaluable skills our daughter can count on for the rest of high school and into college and beyond. We deeply appreciate Dena Anne's ability to connect with our daughter. Their rapport ensures our daughter is willing to share vulnerabilities and accept advice. My wife and I both highly recommend Dena Anne as an excellent tutor and advisor to any families who need help with the greater challenges of high school.

Tom, Father of 10th Grader

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