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What To Expect in Therapy

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Many parents will arrive at the clinic at wit's end and filled with anxiety. Our first appointment will be a call where you can tell us about your worries and information about your learner. From there, we will determine how many times a week your child will come for a session.

When your child begins sessions we will start a series of about 4-6 sessions for informal and formal assessment. We will read with them, ask them to compose, or perhaps work on a little math. We will be looking inside their homework planners, checking their backpacks, and trying to get a picture for what is going on. We will spend time talking about what makes them tick, what are their interests, fears, favorite people, games, and activities. During this phase, the parent will be hearing from us regarding updates of what was assessed. After the assessment is completed, we will schedule a call with you so we can share observations, conclusions, and goals.

At this point, we will reach out to the education team, and sometimes the therapeutic or medical team to also share goals and observations. It is important for everyone working with the child to be able to communicate goals, successes, and setbacks. Generally speaking, the learners' teachers are written most often.

The next phase is focused on working around the goals. This is the time the learner will receive strategies, gain confidence, remediate skills, learn grit, and most importantly, reignite their love of learning. Often, parent and therapist communication will lessen as trust is built between them, and a routine is established with the client. Be assured, should we need to catch up, or get ahold of you, we can have phone call session to check-in.

Once the client has met their goals with competency, we can discontinue sessions or do a monthly or quarterly check-in. While parents can sometimes be anxious about this step, your child has established new habits and skills for self-awareness. They are ready to fly!

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